Hysteroscopy is a process where the female’s reproductive tract is scanned. This can be advised when patient has symptoms like cramps, pains, menstrual issues,infertility,abnormal bleeding etc. The procedure involves checking the cervix and the uterus with a very small camera introduced inside the cavity through the vaginal opening.

What is the need of Hysteroscopy?

  • Excessive bleeding or cramping- The specialist inserts heated tools in order to stop bleeding or cramps.
  • Uterus examination- Study the shape and size of the uterus or if any abnormality in the uterus is the reason for infertility.
  • Examine the uterine openings- the uterine openings lead to fallopian tubes. If the tubes are blocked they can be unblocked using a hysteroscopy.
  • Internal examination- Looking for reasons for recurrent miscarriage.
    In case of any known uterine abnormality treatment can be done in the same sitting.
    Fallopian tube cannulation in case of corneal blockage.

How is a hysteroscopy done?

A simple hysteroscopy procedure can be done at the Beborn infertility clinic in mumbai without any issue. It is performed with or without anaesthesis as per patient comfort. A device called speculum is used to open the vagina and the hysteroscope is gently inserted into the cervix slowly into the uterus. The hysetroscope has a camera which will give you an exact picture of what is exactly happening inside the organ.

Risks and complications involved with Hysteroscopy

Complication during hysteroscopy is very uncommon. The only few common chances of risks involved with this can be the following-

  • Bleeding
  • Damage to the internal urinary tract or digestive tract
  • Infections involved
  • Side effects of the anesthesia used


1After having sex, most of the semen leaks out of my vagina. Can this be a cause of infertility?
It is perfectly normal to have discharge or loss of seminal fluid after intercourse. This leakage is termed as effluvium seminis and its occurrence is a surety that your husband ejaculated inside you and irrespective of the amount that leaks out afterwards enough semen has already reached the cervical mucus.
2Can painful periods be a cause of infertility?
Mild to moderate pain during periods is normal .However unbearable or progressively worsening pain at the time of when periods are due and pain during intercourse may point to endometriosis which is a cause of infertility.
3Can Irregular periods be a cause of infertility?
Regular periods suggest ovulation is occurring. Irregular periods do point to abnormal ovulation which is a leading cause of infertility. Hence investigating to know the causes is highly recommended
4What are the causes of Infertility?
The abnormal ovulation and anatomical abnormalities such as damaged fallopian tubes are seen to be most frequently associated with infertility .Endometriosis and hyperprolactinemia are also seen quite commonly. Male infertility may be due to disorders of sperm production affecting quality as well as quantity, anatomical obstructions or any immunological factors .However in many cases infertility still remains unexplained



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