1How does Vaginal Rejuvenation help in incontinence?
The normal aging process takes a toll on vaginal wall as well. This process is amplified in certain women who genetically have weak vaginal muscles. Child birth adds to the ill effects. Vaginal Rejuvenation comprises of a variety of procedures which are not only aesthetic but functional procedures. The procedures trigger collagen production within the vaginal mucosa which strengthens the pelvis and is beneficial for women suffering Stress incontinence (involuntary leakage of urine on coughing and laughing). Stress incontinence results due to the lax vaginal and perineal muscles which are unable to support the urethra and due to its hyper mobility, the urinary sphincter cannot sustain abdominal pressure changes and hence urine leaks out occasionally.
2When should I consult a fertility physician?
Motherhood is dream every women wants to realize in her life at some point of time. Knowing your fertility can help make you secure your dream. A consultation with a fertility physician as a part of your wellness routine can help you make informed decision about your future and will ensure that you don’t miss out any opportunity.
3How can IVF be cost effective?
With the advancement in science, the cryopreservation techniques are yielding nearly 100% survival of embryos & oocytes upon thawing. Hence a single IVF cycle, in a woman with good egg reserve, can give enough eggs to form embryos which can be cryopreserved and used for subsequent pregnancies, if desired. This allows you to complete your family in a single IVF cycle.
4What are the causes of Infertility?
The abnormal ovulation and anatomical abnormalities such as damaged fallopian tubes are seen to be most frequently associated with infertility .Endometriosis and hyperprolactinemia are also seen quite commonly. Male infertility may be due to disorders of sperm production affecting quality as well as quantity, anatomical obstructions or any immunological factors .However in many cases infertility still remains unexplained
5Please mention any health risks for women undergoing IVF?
Like any medicine the drugs used to treat infertility also have side effects hence the administration should always be supervised and monitored by a fertility physician .Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and multiple pregnancy are the major health risks associated. These can however be avoided completely by following strict protocols.
6Can Irregular periods be a cause of infertility?
Regular periods suggest ovulation is occurring. Irregular periods do point to abnormal ovulation which is a leading cause of infertility. Hence investigating to know the causes is highly recommended
7Can painful periods be a cause of infertility?
Mild to moderate pain during periods is normal .However unbearable or progressively worsening pain at the time of when periods are due and pain during intercourse may point to endometriosis which is a cause of infertility.
8How to calculate the fertile periods?
The fertile periods is the time around which ovulation occurs and intercourse during this periods can cause pregnancy .A sperm can stay alive in the female genital tract for around 4 days ,therefore 4 days prior to egg release and 1-2days after ovulation the chances of pregnancy are highest. A woman usually ovulates 14 days prior to the date of her next menstrual period and thus ovulation can be calculated retrospectively. You can predict your ovulation and fertile period if you closely watch your cycle for 2-3 months. Now a days online ovulation calendars are available to help you through.
9After having sex, most of the semen leaks out of my vagina. Can this be a cause of infertility?
It is perfectly normal to have discharge or loss of seminal fluid after intercourse. This leakage is termed as effluvium seminis and its occurrence is a surety that your husband ejaculated inside you and irrespective of the amount that leaks out afterwards enough semen has already reached the cervical mucus.
10Me and my husband are completely healthy, I have regular periods and we are sexually active. We are still unable to conceive .Please guide?
For a pregnancy to occur your body should be producing eggs, your husband’s sperm count should be normal and your reproductive tract should be patent to allow the sperms to enter and fertilize the egg. Apart from this women are fertile only around the time of ovulation and an intercourse during your fertile period can lead to pregnancy. Please note that any of the factors mentioned might be abnormal without causing any symptoms and you may feel absolutely healthy .Proper testing can only reveal the underlying disorder. In some couples even today infertility remains unexplained.